Halo Rad Overhead Tube Support

Halo Rad Overhead Tube Support
The halo overhead tube support is a heavy duty,  manually operated,
fully counterbalanced ceiling mounted unit. The halo tube support provides
flexibility to facilitate a wide range of x-ray procedures.  Fully counterbalanced,
this heavy-duty system can be easily positioned at any selected point within its
total range of travel.  
The x-ray tube rotates a full 360-degrees about its vertical and horizontal axis
with mechanical indexing at each 90-degree position.  The ergonomic user interface
provides convenient selections to allow the tube to be moved in the longitudinal,
transversal, vertical and rotational directions, and allows for  table/wall bucky
centering. A single handle control allows for fast and out of the way positioning. 
The LCD Display indicates SID to tabletop/wall bucky in inches or centimeters
(calibrated at installation) and angulation of x-ray tube in degrees. The “Intelligent
Software” allows for fast and easy access to calibration and configuration.  
Platform mount is standard, and a 10” orthopedic column extension is optional. 
Standard ceiling heights between 99-124 inches. Custom configurations are available.

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